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Cricket Shop

Cricket is a game that requires a lot of equipment and clothing. Batters, bowlers, wicket-keepers, fielders and even umpires, everybody involved needs the right gear for safety and success. Luckily, the Sports Direct cricket shop covers all bases, providing all the necessary sprzęt, odzież, footwear and accessories for both adults and juniors. We don't just cater for players either, offering a great selection of team jerseys and merchandise, helping fans show their support for their favourite teams. Whether you're after bats, balls, pads, gloves, helmets, stumps or a cricket bag to put them all in, we have what you need from reliable cricket brands. In terms of clothing, check out a range of dorośli and kids’ whites, as well as the latest shirts from England, Indie and various others. And finally, be sure to lace up a new pair of spikes from our extensive collection of cricket shoes to finish off your cricketing ensemble.