Rewarding those who go the extra mile

As well as the opportunity to earn up to 5% as an Individual on 5 Star Product, upon earning this commission the same amount will also be added to your stores Pot. This 'Store Pot' is then built up over a period of time and then paid out to the individuals that have contributed to that store. Tak jak również zarabiać do 5% dla siebie, również będzie nam mecz ten rysunek ponownie i dodać go do puli magazynu

W przeszłości niektórzy z naszych wybitnych jednostek zyskały dodatkowe 2,00 zł za godzinę na ich wynagrodzenia. This has meant that some of our top performers have earned an extra £5,000 in a year purely through 5 Star commission sales!! Basically, the potential earnings are not capped. Wyższy wkład 5 gwiazda, tym więcej można zarobić!

Oprócz naszego systemu 5 gwiazda Komisji naszych zespołów mogą korzystać z nagrody, nagrody i nagrody dla tych, którzy go extra mile. Nieskończoną gamę najwyższej klasy bilety na imprezy sportowe & muzyki, w tym mecze Premiership i międzynarodowej piłki nożnej, Rugby, Golf, tenis i Nagroda walki bokserskie, ale aby wymienić tylko kilka. Dla tych, którzy dostarczają naprawdę istnieje możliwość spędzić wakacje tygodni (dodatkowy wobec twój urlopowy) do Szwajcarii oferuje doświadczenie "Raz w życiu" na stokach, których nie zapomnisz.

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Joel Turner - Wimbledon Experience

Joel has been with us for just under a year now and has taken on more responsibilities, supported various departments and demonstrates a real 'can do' approach to whatever task is given.

As we like to do that extra little bit to say thank you here at Sports Direct, Joel and his partner Hollie were given tickets to the Wimbledon Women's Finals - strawberries and cider at the ready, watching the one and only Serena Williams in winning action!

It was an amazing day, even better that I could take my partner...who doesn't even work for Sports Direct! Good encouragement to keep working hard and great to be appreciated...I'm pushing myself even harder now... and so is Hollie!

Del Joy - Football Experience

At the end of April, I was chosen to attend the semi-final of the FA cup between Liverpool and Aston Villa, this was down to my Manager recommending me for my hard work and dedication, on the day in question I walked down Wembley Way (the atmosphere was worth it on its own). When I got to Wembley I was directed to the Bobby Moore suite, if you haven't seen this place, it is stunning, when I walked in there was a live band and champagne on arrival, I also had the chance to meet some stars including Peter Crouch, Emilie Heskey, Phil Neale to name but a few, what also added to the occasion was that it was hospitality and an open bar from start to finish (that`s a result in its self).

Walking in to the ground we were able to get pitch side and listen to the broadcasters and get close to the players warming up, when the match came around our seats were perfect with a fantastic close up view, I have never experienced anything like that and it`s good to know that all my hard work was recognised and rewarded making me even more determined to continue performing and get the chance to go again. The company says reach for the stars, I did and got there.

Neil Jones - Newcastle United Football Club Experience

Working in stores you can be given experiences you never thought you`d receive and on the 1st November 2014 I had one of them. Due to our store performing well two of us were chosen to go to the Newcastle Vs Liverpool match. As a lifelong Liverpool fan it was great just to get a ticket but when we got there the occasion blew my mind, it was full hospitality tickets. We were shown into a room and given champagne on arrival, enjoyed a three course meal and the chance to eat and drink as much as we wanted (all on the house) not only that but there was a chance to meet and socialise with people from other areas of Sports Direct.

When walking into the stadium the seats we were shown to blew my mind, the view and the atmosphere were stunning, as a Liverpool fan I was gutted that we lost but the day was topped off when I had the chance to meet Kenny Dalglish and a few of the Liverpool players, who, like me were not happy with the result.

What other company can you work for were you get this level of experience and meet your idol, what a day!!!

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